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Elephant & Ant’s Bet

Once upon a time Elephant & Ant lived as friends. One day both went to the Railway station to catch a train. At the station, Ant said to elephant – “It is me who donated the Kerala Express train. I can prove that”.
Elephant: You must be joking.
Ant: No, I am serious. What about a bet?
Elephant: OK, let us bet for 100 bucks.
[Elephant had a total of 100 bucks and Ant was aware of it]

Ant bribes a passing horse by giving 10 bucks. Horse testifies that Ant had donated the Train. Elephant had no option but to give 100 bucks to Ant.

After sometime Elephant told Ant that he had donated Rajdhani Express. Ant was suspicious but knew that Elephant had no money to bribe anyone. So he accepted the bet.

After 10 minutes Ant lost the bet and lost all his money. How?

Railway announcement – “Rajdhani Express Aaney Ki Sambhavana Hai!”

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