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Faith of a little girl

An orphan girl in India was desperate to find a home.

One day, she approached a visiting missionary teacher from a nearby village and asked the woman for help.

The teacher had no room in her home for the girl, and no money to make a place. ”

But I will pray and ask God for His help.” she said, “and you do the same.”

That evening , the teacher returned to her home and found a letter from a friend in the U.S. It contained a small sum of money- enough to begin providing for the orphan girl.

Taking this as a sign of encouragement from God, she summoned a messenger the following morning and asked him to go to the neighboring village- a day’s walk from her home- and bring the girl back.

To the teacher’s surprise, the messenger returned with the girl in half the expected time.

“How did you travel so quickly?” the teacher asked.

The girl’s answer demonstrated the strength of her faith.

“We both prayed to God for help,” she reminded the teacher. “I thought I might as well start walking.”

She had been halfway to the teacher’s house when the messenger met her on the road. She had faith that God would meet her needs- and He did.

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