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Skill Value……

Once, a ship is traveling through ocean.

Suddenly due some problem, its engine stopped working.
The workers tried maximum get it repaired. but nothing happed.

Then captain come to engine room, he checked all the engine.
But he also not able to correct the problem.
They brought the ship to dock for repair
There mechanics on the dock tried level best get repaired.
But they are not able to start the Engine.

Then Captain remembered that once his father told about a mechanic called Robert who repair his ship.
Then he sent people to search the Robert. At last they able to locate and bring Robert to ship.

Robert is an old man. He came there and he observed all.
Then he asked for a hammer. They given hammer. Then he made two hammering in the engine, engine start running.
Everybody become happy to see this. Then he left the Place and given a bill of 10,000 $.

Then captain thought “He made only two hammering to start the engine and but given very large amount of bill.”
So Captain asked a break up for the bill.
Then Robert replied. “For one hammering I will charge 1$ so two hammering required 2$ and finding where to hit I will charge 9998$. So totally bill of 10,000$”.
Captain Paid all Bill and left for sailing.

“Skills are always valuable”

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