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malloose again…..

Appukuttan was teaching a class. He wasn’t very successful in controlling the class one day as all had burst out laughing suddenly. He was doing his best to stop them when the principal who was on his daily rounds went by the class room.
Appukuttan expected him to come in but he didn’t and just walked by.
As the principal went by Appukutan told his class, “Keep quiet, the principal just passed away”
Once a principal caught a student outside the class
Pincipal: WHY Are u Rotating here,GO and Climb the class.
What he intended to say: Enthanu ivide thirinju kalikunathu Poyi classil kayar
Once a cowboy and a mallu pick up a quarrel. The cowboy points a gun at the mallu and says “Yo man.yore ded meat… bye”. Mallu replays – “What rubbish you are toking(talking)….if you vant to fiyt(fight) vith me you zimbly come to my gariage(garage) no…i will hit on your head with a hyammer…and also i think you dond bolds to pull the trigger…” That was it, the cowboy had enough. He pulled the trigger but to his own head….
Once, in a village in Kerala, there lived two identical brothers. They looked very much alike in every respect and the villagers often had trouble distinguishing between them.
Unfortunately, one of them died. Sankaran Kutti, our hero, decided to visit the grief-stricken family and console them. Now, there was a problem. Sankaran was not sure which of the brothers had died.
Our ever-resourceful hero solved the problem ingeniously. He walked up to the surviving sibling and asked amidst tears – “Is it you who is dead or is it your Brother?”
Why was the mallu not included in the football team?
he was not selected because whenever he gets a corner, he sets up a tea shop there!
What does a Mallu do to run for elections in Hongkong?
Change his name from Thankachan to Than Ka Chan
Why did mallu go to Rome?
To hear POPE music..

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