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LibreOffice 3.5 New Features Going to land:

September 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Feature that are going to land in LibreOffice 3.5 for those of who were eager to know it.

New Additions


  • Porting to Android platform : Libroffice Porting Android, is expected to cut most of the functionality of the suite, useless on a smartphone, as well as the design of a simple and clean UI appropriate for this purpose.
  • Web Interface : HTML5/Canvas porting the suite to have the prototype of an on-line complete with web client Impress implement [using bridge].
  • 3D transition: 3D transition effects also on Windows, already present in LibreOffice for Linux and Mac.
  • Improve support for the WebDAV protocol, used to work on documents stored on a (Web) servers.
  • Cairo Rendering : Implementing Cairo as a standard for 2D rendering on Windows, where LibreOffice still uses the slow, buggy and deprecated GDI + libraries.
  • LibreOffice implement blocking functionality of Samba to gvfs
  • When you use too many different formats to make the translations (PO, SDF, res), we will try to set the tools and formats as a standard for cross-platform gettext translations.
  • Help make the official guide on the wiki on-line reference, a guide from which to generate off-line distributed in native file formats for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Clean interface


LibreOffice look needs a polishing: It takes many small touches:

  • The current icons use the PNG format at the highest resolution possible will integrate SVG vector format as the standard for icon sets.
  • Improving the ‘general appearance and hide the status bar by default
  • Make vertical zoom tool, showing it under the vertical scroll bar, and then removing it from the status bar
  • Improve the behavior of the toolbars (example: appearance / disappearance when joining a table)
  • Cleaning of several default views (what to show and what to hide) to get more space for the user
  • The button at the bottom of the toolbars that lead to hidden menus and tools will have an aspect less invasive
  • Place the ‘lighting of the buttons in the General screen boot LibreOffice
  • Zoom in / out with mouse wheel when the pointer is over the Zoom tool
  • In Calc the formula entry bar will use Native Widget Using Native Widgets for a number of tools on the toolbar
  • For the uninitiated, the Native widgets are part of a framework already built into LibreOffice which displays elements of a style consistent across all platforms: Windows, Mac, GTK + and QT.



  • Unlike PowerPoint, there is no stand-alone viewer for Impress, which will be very useful for novice users and will offer a minimal UI and easier compared to Impress
  • Provide a ‘preview the templates that are being applied to the current document, which would enable the user to better judge the models before applying them in reality.
  • Improved performance: having known several bottlenecks LibreOffice, improvements are needed so many minimal code
  • Look for and correct the loss of memory when you open and close a document several times, always the case that the memory usage of LibreOffice grows, you need a better management of the cache and reduce memory usage by the extensions
  • Add to Impress an extension to easily create photo albums, starting with preset animations and transition effects and customizable with several pages at will
  • Integrating new controls in the IDE so far used only by the API and support for scrollbars
  • For developers, to simplify the download of dependencies of Windows on which to set the development environment is very difficult and require you to download and install the necessary packages one by one.

We wait impatiently for the February 8, 2012 for the stable release of version 3.5.0!

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