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To activate Maildir in Thunderbird

March 15, 2012 9 comments

To use folder size > 4 GB in Thunderbird,
You can set mail.serverDefaultStoreContractID = “;1” in tools ->preference -> advanced -> general -> config editor to use berkeleydb for new accounts. [This feature is experimental. so backup data].

thunderbird preference

Thunderbird preference

configuration editor thunderbird

configuration editor Thunderbird



key to change

key to change

So next time if you create a new account, storage of mail will be in maildir format.

Default is “;1”, which is mbox.

Upgrade to latest gnome 3.4 in inux mint

March 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Change “oneiric” to “precise” in add software sources & update using “update manger”

Fedora installer 17 fails with unhandled exception ….

If fedora 17 installer fails with unhandled exception, It is due to partition table mess. correct it by using fdisk by using some live cd

fdisk -u /dev/sda or instead of sda, use your disk name

x – to go to advanced options
f – to fix partition order
w – to write partition table.

Boot back to fedora installer