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Apache OpenOffice 4.0 Feature palnning

AOO 4.0 Feature Planning is happening in following Link

Hide / Remove icon view /entries from Applications view in Gnome 3

Some cases you may need to edit or hide icons from applications in gome 3.

GNOME 3 uses .desktop files to populate its Applications view. These text files are in /usr/share/applications. It is not possible to edit these files from a folder view ‒ Nautilus does not treat their icons as text files. Use a terminal to display or edit .desktop file entries.

# ls /usr/share/applications
# nano /usr/share/applications/example.desktop

For system wide changes, edit files in /usr/share/applications.

For local changes, make a copy of example.desktop in your home folder.

$ cp /usr/share/applications/example.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/

Edit .desktop files to fit your wishes.

Note: Removing a .desktop file does not uninstall an application, but instead removes its desktop integration: MIME types, shortcuts, and so forth.

The following command appends one line to a .desktop file and hides its associated icon from Applications view:

$ echo “NoDisplay=true” >> example.desktop


You can use graphical program “Alacarte“, a menu editor for the GNOME desktop.

Add shutdown option to gnome 3 user menu & gdm / Disable Suspend in the status and gdm menu

June 1, 2012 3 comments

A quick way to do it system-wide for GNOME 3  is to change line of /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui/userMenu.js and line of /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/gdm/powerMenu.js.

(For GNOME versions prior to 3.2, look at line of /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui/statusMenu.js.)

Open the file in administrative mode or root privileges  using a text editor /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui/userMenu.js

// this._haveSuspend = this._upClient.get_can_suspend(); // Comment this line out.

this._haveSuspend = false;                                    // Use this line instead.

To accomplish this, paste the following command(s) in your terminal:

SCRIPTS=`grep -lr get_can_suspend $GNOME_SHELL/js`
for FILE in $SCRIPTS ; do
sed -r -i -e ‘s/[^= ]+.get_can_suspend\(\)/false/’ “$FILE”

This change takes effect the next time GNOME Shell is started.

The above change does not persist after a GNOME version update, however.

Alternatively you can install the GNOME shell extension “alternative status menu” .