About Me

About Blog :

Every Story is a description of a sequence of events, or a statement regarding the facts pertinent to a situation in question.

I always crawl through net for different information. As & when I found came across a different information, I always paste to draft folder of my mail. If I feel that information or story useful or touching or make me smile, I always forward to my friends so that my friends also feel the same. Those collected stories or information are published here.

Some Stories turn you into laughing & some turn you into crying. Every story has feelings.  Some stories make love you others. Stories are generated  usually from thought that link with some incidents happened or are going to happen. If he is not able to think or simulate that situation, that won’t be so enjoyable.

Stories that have a familiar structure can create a supportive context for learning about the writing process and  building background knowledge.

I hope this blog inspires an attitude of looking towards the stories . What does that mean? How can I use that information to make something better?.

About me:

My name is Jaise James. I have been born & bought in village named Kavana in Ernakulam District, kerala . Our Place is also called Pineapple city[Vazhakulam].  Our area main occupation is agriculture& mostly rubber &  Pineapple.





I am: Jaise James

I hurt: When I kick my toe

I love: Everyone, especially my closest friends and family

I hate: that word ‘hate’

I hope: to do something amazing in lyf

I waste: too much time

I talk: A little, but friends say a lot

I see: A world full of people with great potential

I smell: My mummy’s cooking

I taste: Fish curry. Yummy yummy 🙂

I work: Everyday 9:30 – 5:30 and sometimes after that 🙂

I remember: none of my Past. My memory always faulty. But technical side, it serves me quite well.

I hold: My friends close to me, id be lost without it

I hide: My chocolate, people steal em all the time.

I pray: Everyday, God is super!

I burn: a lot of things, he! he!

I breathe: yes! I do breathe, this is true.

I play: Around a lot, I’m so silly.

I learn: More and More each day

I feel: Way tired right now

I know: I’m way to old to be wasting my time on these filling-out these, ahh well!

I dream: A lot, they are hope to my life.

I have: The best friends, I could ever wish for

I want: to play with kids[Future]. :-D. Also new car, bike & plot etc..

I live: to Make a difference

I die: ?? I’m not sure. But I understand this

I find: the smallest things are amusing

I wish: I had 10 kids. Cool Dady ! 😀


  1. September 22, 2010 at 5:19 PM

    Hi, nice to meet you !

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