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To remove duplicate icons from applications menu in activities of gnome 3 / 3.2 – fedora 15 / 16

October 21, 2011 5 comments

First check gnome menu Categories from /etc/xdg/menus/ file by opening it using any text editor.

Next step is to note down icons that are repeating from application menu from gnome activities.

The menu icon information file for each application is located in the /usr/share/applications.

GNOME uses .desktop files to populate its Applications view. These text files are in /usr/share/applications. It is not possible to edit these files from a folder view ‒ Nautilus does not treat their icons as text files. Use a terminal to display or edit .desktop file entries.

Find the menu icon file from /usr/share/applications & Open the file from “terminal” using any text editor like nano, vi.

# ls /usr/share/applications
# nano /usr/share/applications/example.desktop

Remove any repeating categories as mentioned in the /etc/xdg/menus/

Repeat it for the all the files that having repeating icons problem.

But this one is temp fix. Again this problem may repeat after each system update. 🙂