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Paste Spreadsheet from libreoffice / openoffice Calc to thunderbird

December 13, 2013 Comments off

When we paste Spreadsheet from libreoffice / openoffice Calc table into Thunderbird, the table data & text get shrinked.

Before pasting Table

Before pasting Table


During Pasting Table

During Pasting Table


To avoid this, press ‘ctr+del’ in keyboard after pasting & table & text become normal size.

After pressing ctr+del, text change to normal size

After pressing ctr+del, text change to normal size


Turn off / Add water Mark in Libre office

May 24, 2013 9 comments

Some cases you need to remove water mark received in MS office file [doc] or you need to add water mark in Libreoffice file.

To remove MS office water mark, You need to understand what it is. It is a word art anchored in ‘header’ positioned in the center of page [Libreoffice treat it as word art].

Selection can be done by change navigation to drawing & delete the word art.

Select ‘navigator’ shown in center button in the ellipse & change the selection mode to’ drawing’ as shown in the rectangle.

Then using navigation arrow shown below rectangle[bottom downward double arrow], select the graphics & delete the water mark.


Same way, you can add water mark in libre office writer odt file.

  • Add a header in the page


  • Add a text box from drawing toolbar anchored in the header .



  • Add text required as water mark & Change text colour to light gray or variation of gray.


  • Rotate Text box to required degree


  • Center Text box to page.


  • Now you will have water mark in all pages.


Note : You can also associate header to one page style & control water mark where ever required. for editing, you can select using navigator –> drawing navigator shown in the above write up. then move text using arrow in the keyboard[mouse is not available to select].